Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

We have compiled the questions from our customers about the Multi Whatsapp CRM project for you. If the questions you are wondering are not available here, please do not hesitate to ask us via Whatsapp , phone or using the contact form.

You can easily use it on both desktop, laptop and mobile devices.

All legitimate companies and individuals can use our system. In addition, associations, foundations, municipalities can easily can use our system.

Our system supports the reception of media, voice and location messages. In sending, it only supports video and image media messages. Location and sound cannot be sent.

Incoming messages are sent to all agents and your own account. From here, representatives support your customers by dividing the work among themselves.

Group messages are supported. You can receive incoming messages to the group and send messages. We continue to work on more detailed administrative features in groups. For example, we continue to work on features such as muting a person for a certain period of time, adding a new person, removing the existing person, changing the group description and photo, choosing the group admin.

The system is hosted on our secured servers. There is no need to install any program on your computer. You can use it by logging in with your web browser.

Yes, we have HTTP API and Websocket API interfaces and you can integrate your softwares easily.

In our system, there are reports such as performance reports, messaging frequency reports, balance reports, etc. of the representatives.

Yes, we provide training to you and your representatives by connecting remotely or over the phone.

Due to the security policies of Whatsapp, it is not possible to send messages in bulk to numbers that are not in your contacts. It is possible to send the first message through our system to the number that is not in your contacts, but if this is abused, your Whatsapp number will be closed. Considering this situation, it is possible to start a chat with numbers that are not in your contacts.

Our system supports both Business and normal lines. The only thing you need to pay attention to here is that the Multi-Device Beta feature of your line is turned on. Numbers that are not Multi-Device active cannot be assigned to the system. This is because communication is interrupted and slowed down when Multi-Device Beta is not active. In order for communication to continue on normal Whatsapp lines, the phone must be constantly connected to the internet.

You can add as many representatives as you want when you load the balance at the price specified in our tariffs.

You can add as many Whatsapp lines as you want when you load the balance at the price specified in our tariffs.

If the rate of blocking you of the people you are messaging does not exceed 3%, there is no ban.