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Your agents can talk to your clients with single WHATSAPP account. Compatible with Whatsapp and Whatsapp Business.

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Panel Features

Multiple agent support

You can add multiple agents and report chats.

Multiple Whatsapp support

You can add and use more than one Whatsapp number to our panel.

Send/receive pictures, videos

You can send and receive pictures and videos easily. You can also receive voice messages.

Automatic welcome message

When the first message arrives, a welcome message is sent by the system.

Send message directly

You can send a message to a number that is not registered in your contacts.

Interactive messages (Button & Option)

You can present reportable options to your users with interactive messages.

HTTP API and Websocket API

We provide easy-to-use HTTP API and Websocket API for software developers.

WA Business And Standard

You can use it regardless of your number type, WA Business or Standard.

Visual Chatbot design

You can create a Chatbot using the components in the design screen. (in development)